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Personal bonus from WebMoney Center

This is a purely individual system of discounts (it means that only you can use it), but it allows you to accumulate quickly a maximum discount, which is equal to record breaking 50% of our profits! For paticipation in our discount program will be enough to open an individual cabinet on our website by filling out a very simple form of registration of individual cabinet.

To open an individual cabinet it is enough to enter your name, phone, password and e-mail. Also you can specify your electronic details, which will be used in the future for the earned money. These details can be set / changed at any time or you can enter them every time by hand.

After you click "Register", you will be created an individual cabinet (if the login is not busy yet). To view the properties of your individual cabinet, it is necessary to enter your email and password in the form which is located on our website.

• After each produced exchange your cumulative discount will increase. Discount increases by 0,99% for every 499,99 WMZ (WMR in equivalent) and is calculated on the total amount of exchange.

• You can save the numbers of your purses and they will automatically be offered to you during your visit to the Cabinet for making exchange. This means you can do exchanges aster and safer.

Discount is cumulative and increases after the exchange in one of the currencies using the account. For example, if you change WMZ, you also get a discount on all destinations WMR etc.). The discount is calculated on the total amount of exchange 0,99% for every 499,99 USD, exchanged through your personal cabinet. Maximum discount is 50% of our profits!

Do you want to dive into the calculations? Don't bother, you should NOT CALCULATE ANYTHING!

All discounts are calculated automatically and amounts that you see on the page already include your discounts! To do this, just make sure that you use your individual cabinet.