Czech WebMoney office (Input-Output)

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Get a passport

Personal and initial certificates are issued by our partner :
Registrar Syedyshev Oleg WMID : 981434194552

How to get a personal passport

1. Open the web-site and click the button
"Apply for WebMoney Passport"

2. Type your "login, password, numbers from the picture" and push the button "Enter"

3. If authorization is succesful you will get on "Control Panel".
Click the link "Apply for Personal Passport"

4. Push the button "Enter with confirmation by SMS or E-NUM"

5. Enter "telephone number", on which you would like to receive SMS for login.
Push the button "Request the code".
When you will receive SMS, the button "Enter" will become active - push the button "Enter"

6. Type the "code" which you received in SMS. Push the button "Enter".

7. Find the Registrar "Syedyshev Oleg" in the List of Registrars and click the link
"Apply for WebMoney Passport". Please notice that you can see the Registrar
"Syedyshev Oleg" only if you specify "Czech Republic" or one of the neighboring
countries in the category "Actual address".

8. Necessarily push the button "Get back to the Control Panel and pay for applying".

9. Find and click the link "Pay for applying".

10. Choose the way of payment and pay for applying.

We do not regard offers of illegal payments and illegal methods of work. Please do not come with such requests and do not write us about it.

NOTICE OF RISKS. Offered goods and services are not provided in order of a person or enterprise, who exploit the system of WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent organization providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises who exploit system of WebMoney Transfer, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for participation in providing services and does not bear any responsibility for our actions. Verification which was done by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our contact details and identity. It is performed at our request, and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales of WebMoney system operators.